During a tech event in the year 2026 the worlds foremost experts in the blockchain industry gathered to share secrets of the latest tech, DeFi, utility and dApps. While they presented their next marvel to hit the crypto space a mysterious force only known as "J" had found it's way into the hearts and minds of these pioneers.

Cosmic forces entered as attendees watched over the next 33 minutes as J would perform the most mesmerizing transformation from man to legend to take place since the dawn of time.

No one knows how or where J originated but on entry it began to seek as though with purpose. Each one chosen would merge and begin to draw from the universal powers of the gods. Some for good others evil. We will let you decide.

IT ALL STARTS WITH cryptogods nft

Ramona Köhler


Ramona Köhler (aka Magnetic Red) is a German artist, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her studies in Art go as far back as she remembers... as a child she was drawing almost every day and she loved to design characters and fantasy inspired worlds in which her characters came to life. Ramona works in many mediums such as pencil, pen, watercolour, acrylics, photography, digital paintings, print media, stage design, tattooing and theatrical fire performances.

After she finished her time at the academy for fine Arts in Enschede, her art found its way to bigger exhibitions such as Psy-Fi art gallery where she exhibited her work together with Anderson Debernardi and other amazing artists from the “Art Collider” Community. Her biggest fascination is to combine art with the shape of the human. Next to working as a tattoo artist, she creates “visionary art” inspired paintings and digital artworks.

Nowadays she also works as an NFT artist for the Nexus Ecosystem network to create characters which “live” in a metaverse-inspired fantasy world that displays the different characteristics of each crypto currency.


Be on the Whitelist for all future projects from

Community NFT (CNP)

As a CNP member you automatically get first access and whitelist for every NFT project we launch in the future - it is your sole choice which projects to participate in, either way your place is reserved.

To obtain an CNP membership a user can :

  • Buy and hold any CNP NFT - this will grant membership for every future project.
  • Buy AP on a secondary market (

We work with top artists to create the most unique work of art, your pass guarantees you will always have early bird access to our drops and many more fun things to come. Stay in touch with our artists and community in telegram and launch with us amazing projects using your CNP PASS.

cryptogods project


Birth Of Legends

Word is starting to spread about J and the mysterious CRYPTOGODS. A community growing by giving. Diligent NFT collectors will earn their spot in the hall of legends.

It all starts here. CNP members will be entitled to mint prior to the masses. The rest will have to wait for the public launch.

Thou Shalt Mint

The Reveal

During this reveal ceremony every CRYPTOGODS NFT holder will discover their special abilities. Access to private events and many other benefits await every legend holding.

DAO will be formed for origin holders, who will vote and shape the future of CNP.

Power To The People

Giving Back

We’re here for the people. Period.
10% of minting proceeds will go towards the CNP project funding. CNP is the Community NFT Project. Our goal is to launch an affordable NFT line with utility. CNP will offer a blind box as well as a premium side that will launch projects for known artists and celebrities. This project will include a full marketplace for people to mint their own NFTs and will be a multi-token marketplace utilizing cross-chain technology. All voted on by the CNP community.

Get ready to join the elite nft collectors.

Once you're ready to secure your thrown in the world of CRYPTOGODS, head over to our official telegram channel. If you're reading this before the launch, you still have a chance to get your hands on a NFT and take part in the journey.

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Meta Martian NFT

Mixed Martian Arts Club


A 4004 collection of Meta Martians from the Mixed Martian Arts Club project, every Martian was minted on MATIC and is cross-chain to ETH, BSC, SOL, and AVAX.

Upcoming AR Metaverse game 'Meta Mars' built with Rypplzz technology, using new Spatial Web technology for a first real world experience of the metaverse.

Martian Escape now available on App Stores, Play to Earn coming soon!

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