Courage comes to those who are brave enough to seize it.


Mint a GARGOYLES NFT, and become the first of its prestigious elite club of owners.


Chimera is home to 3,333 Gargoyles, living on the blockchain. In times of turmoil, when Mother Earth cries out Chimera assigns their greatest heroes to cross over into our world.
To put back what once was right, to bring peace back to its inhabitants.

Inside wave I, Gargoyles Genesis we meet our first hero Lynn. Each person who mints a original Gargoyle will receive one of 1,111 hand drawn variations of LYNN.


Wave I includes 4 Ultra Rare with each draw including a comic representing their Gargoyles origin story.
Once they are minted they will never be available again and the origin story will be locked in the vault.

Get ready to join the thousands of others with your Gargoyle(s), watching a truly immersive open world, your world, Earth grow in love and light with 75% of sales reserved for the Clean Drinking Water Initiative (CDW).
Feel good about supporting a cause while building your collection.

See you in the skies..



Palmitas, like many places in Mexico, is a nice neighborhood that needing some sprucing up. The area was suffering in many different ways, from street violence and poverty to larger issues like unemployment and a lack of funds for clean drinking water. So it is up to us to intervene and help out the neighborhood as legends. Germen Crew have managed to land the little place on the world stage. Now it is up to us and Fungibles GARGOYLES NFT cause.

germen crew at work

Germen crew creates a giant piece in Pachuca, Mexico

Palmitas thanks to a government-sponsored urban renewal project. The Germen Crew, a local youth group known for its street art and graffiti projects, turned 209 homes into one giant canvas for a rainbow-hued mural.

Over 450 families and nearly 2,000 people have seen their homes transformed into a colorful display, which is meant to bring the community together and discourage crime.

The massive new artwork, El Macro Mural Barrio de Palmitas, which covers over 20,000 square meters (about 65,000 square feet), can be found on the hillside neighborhood of Palmitas, in the town of Pachuca, Mexico—an hour and a half drive from Mexico City.

The design was led by Mibe, a Mexico City-based street artist, and the piece took two and a half months to complete. The Germen Crew attempts to “use culture as a tool for the transformation of the social fabric and consolidation of a sense of identity,” Mibe told Epoca, a Portuguese-language news service.

“Graffiti, art, and its history have transformed us and allowed us to avoid…bad decisions,” Germen Crew member Uriel del Rio told Al Jazeera last year after working on a much smaller piece in Mexico City. “From of our experience, we propose it can change the lives of others.”


Being master of water, the GARGOYLES can re-channel to purify and distribute water. In so doing, they become the lifeblood of the rivers and oceans, responsible for the sustenance needed by the humans they protect.

Mexico performs below the OECD average in terms of water quality, as 68% of people say they are satisfied with the quality of their water, which is below the OECD average of 84%. As the world’s second-largest city continues to grow, so does the water demand. Meanwhile, supplies in this region are becoming increasingly tighter. Rusty, leaky pipes waste more than 25 percent of the city’s precious supply.


Gargoyles will have a total of 8 collections minting across multiple chains all to help the environment and earths people. As the Genesis collection sells out 75% of all earnings will go toward the Clean Drinking Water initiative while each holder has a voice on our DOA. Where we go with funding and who do we help next. 



Participating as a hero and minting your own GARGOYLE NFT can be done in three steps.


1. create an wallet on DogeChain

2. checkout using $EVE or $wDOGE

Gargoyles Genesis

3. enjoy your NFT on


Inspired at a young age to help others wherever needed. Jorja Cameron finds beauty in all things. At the age of seventeen she was responsible for the launch of two six figure brands. She parleyed that success into multiple local charities over the next twelve months and started her adventure in the blockchain. She discovered the NFT space fell in love instantly. However she felt that there was a gap between the art and utility. We can do more was her only thought. Who can we help?

"You can not give enough away."

With this inner mantra and her love for people Jorja has taken her good fortune, talent for story telling and character creation and has created a truly unique Utility with GARGOYLES and the Clean Drinking Water Initiative.

Become a part of this wonderful world, our world with LYNN, VANN, ADAM and Jorja on a journey to unite us all and bring love and light to the world.

Partnerships with emerging technology companies have been positioned to provide the necessary equipment and training to operate and run the independent GARGOYLES water system in multiple locations across the globe.

After much consideration and praying Jorja decided the first place to implement the Clear Drinking Water Initiative will be Pachuca, Mexico. With the help and support of the Germen Crew and YOU we anticipate by Q2 2023 to be complete.

GARGOYLES artist spotlight
Gargoyles Genesis Collection


She is a part of an elite group of saviors awakened to once again save a dying Earth. She resides in the shadows of Pachuca Monument Clock Tower. For 10,000 years she has been called on by mother Earth and its people when time and connections have weakened.

Today is one of those times. Join LYNN and her companions to stop injustice and secure clean drinking water for everyone.  Genesis collection includes 1,111 hand drawn and unique variations. Digitized in 8k resolution.








... looks_rare.



Birth Of Legends

Word is starting to spread about J and the mysterious GARGOYLES. A community growing by giving. Diligent NFT collectors will earn their spot in the hall of legends.

It all starts here. The first of three legendary GARGOYLES LYNN with 1,111 hand drawn variations. All holders will be entitled to mint prior to the masses. The rest will have to wait for the public launch.

Thou Shalt Mint

The Reveal

During this reveal ceremony every GARGOYLES NFT holder will discover their special abilities. Access to private events and many other benefits await every origin holding including your GARGOYLES origin story.

DAO will be formed for origin holders, who will vote and shape the future of GARGOYLES.CLUB.

Power To The People

Giving Back

We’re here for the people. Period.
30% of minting proceeds will go towards the GARGOYLES project funding. Our goal, to provide our partners with the funds necessary to create a world with clean drinking water available to everyone a reality. GARGOYLES will offer a blind box a that will launch projects for areas where people need it most. All voted on by the GARGOYLES NFT holders.

Become a living legend with our AR, VR upgrades. Immersing you directly into the GARGOYLES metaverse. Walk past others as your GARGOYLES skin with full 360° body coverage or play out events with fellow legends in real world environments based on GARGOYLE CLUB locations.


Lynn Gargoyles Genesis

Get ready to join the elite nft collectors.

Once you're ready to secure your thrown in the world of GARGOYLES, head over to our official telegram channel. If you're reading this before the launch, you still have a chance to get your hands on a NFT and take part in the journey.

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